Geo Drill, Inc. Environmental Drilling and Probing IL, MO, IN, TN, KY, and Midwest
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Our goal is a total commitment to safety, quality and project success through innovative methods.
Geo Drill, Inc. Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Midwest
Geo Drill, Inc. Contacts
Lisa Barker
  1. Licensed Environmental Driller.
  2. Licensed General Contractor in the City of St. Louis, Missouri.
  3. First Aid, CPR and OSHA 40 hour Health and Safety Training and 8 hour refreshers (29 CFR 1910.120).
  4. Over 25 years of experience in the environmental and geotechnical drilling industry.
  5. State-of-the-art probing and drilling rig and equipment.
  6. Properly insured, including Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance.
  7. API WorkSafe Training.
  8. Excellent safety record.
Geo Drill, Inc. is an owner operated business specializing in Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling Services. Because of our size and technical expertise, we offer personalized and professional service that our competitors are unable to match. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance. We place direct emphasis on project management; quality control and customer service to ensure your needs are met cost effectively and on schedule.
GEO Drill, Inc. Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Midwest
CME 55 / 1998 GMC C6500
Why Use Geo Drill?
  1. Fast efficient service
  2. Specialized equipment
  3. Superior quality of service
  4. Solid integrity
  5. Value in experience
GEO Drill, Inc. Power Probe 9500-D
2007 AMS, Inc. / Power Probe 9500-D
Environmental Services
  1. Direct Push Sampling / Geoprobe Tooling
  2. Soil, Ground Water & Soil Gas Sampling
  3. Peristaltic Pump Sampling/Purging
  4. Shelby Tube Sampling
  5. Discreet Interval Groundwater Sampling
  6. Discreet Interval Soil Sampling
  7. 4 1/4 Augering Capabilities
  8. Monitoring & Recovery Well Installation
  9. Pizometer Installation
  10. Well Development
  11. Monitoring & Recovery Well Abandonment
  12. Well Protector Repair & Replacement
  13. Low Clearance Drilling at 13 feet
  14. High Pressure Steam Cleaning
Geotechnical Services
  1. Hollow-stem Auger Drilling
  2. Mud Rotary Drilling
  3. SPT Sampling (Split-Spoon)
  4. Shelby Tube Sampling
  5. 4" Continuous Flight Augering
  6. 12" Diamond Concrete Coring
  7. Monitoring & Recovery Well Installation
  8. Sample Preparation & Field Logging
Services are available in Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin and licensed in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. (Services may be available in additional states. Please contact us for more information.)